Side Project: WildFalken!!

Painting parts the same colour is boring! Esp whey you have to do it several times in order to get a good finish! And that’s where I find myself with C.C. Although things have progressed a little further that that now, but in my sheer boredom of painting large pieces white and then white again, […]

Mini Review: Nights Journey of Dreams

Way back in 1996, Sonic team released a peculiar game on the now defunct Sega Saturn. That game was Nights into Dreams.

The game centered around 3 characters, the titular nights, Claris Sinclair and Elliot Edwards and revolved around a fairly simple premise of collecting blue orbs in the stage in order to free a […]

Code Geass: R2

Several Sites have already pointed out that a teaser trailer for the upcoming second season for Code geass has made it’s way onto youtube

Looks pretty good and a fair few people are already salivating over it. Myself? Well, I intend to watch it but it’s taken a distant second to a rival show which […]

Anime Roundup (Winter 07/08)

Another new season is here so I thought I would just post my watch list for this season as well as the impromptu awards for last season!

The Awards!

Best Show: Minami-Ke

No outright winner this time round and the shows were more contested but none really hit the high point like Gurren Lagann […]

Endless Frontier: Super robot wars saga

A while back, it was announced that a new Super robot wars game was in development. Dubbed Endless frontier: super robot wars saga, it was going to be unlike any SRW game before it. It was going to be a more traditional RPG like game using characters from the Original Generation universe (or rather, the […]

Project: C.C ver 1 (part 1)

Well, I did say that I would give an update, not that there’s much to update at present.

The parts have cleaned, sanded and primed, as shown in the above pic. For some reason, this process took an insanely long time due to various mishaps when priming. Word of advice: Always pay attention to […]

God Damn It!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buying figures and kits used to be easy… It used to be that I would see one kit and it would almost speak to me. It would block out all the other figures and kits of the same character and would be “the one”

Even figures released after wouldn’t quite match the one I originally […]

December Haul

Yay, my first full post of 2008!

Not really much to say at this point, other than a quick post to display the kits and figures I received around the Christmas period

So, that would be a

1/100 Alteisen MG Destiny gundam MG unicorn gundam 1/35 Lancelot Yoko “vs Tepparin” ver Yoko “vs antispiral” […]