Mini Review: fate/unlimited codes

Having to spend christmas in the tech shy region known as wales with the family meant that I had some time to put fate/unlimited codes through it’s paces since the Trusty PS2 was all I had access to. Not even some tools for model building! Well, it wasn’t all bad…

The game is a […]

Hobby Complex 06

The weekend saw The hobby complex event being held. Sort of a smaller version of Wonderfestival, this years event held a bit more significance as many resin kit sellers have gone there due to winter wonderfestival being cancelled, although the summer event is still on.

Unfortunately, due to the current economic climate and the time […]

Final Haul of 08

I said that there wouldn’t be a weekly post during the Christmas week but it seems that hasn’t stopped other noteworthy stuff from appearing prior… My long awaited play asia order arrived today, just in time for Christmas, bringing me Fate/Unlimited Codes and a little something else…

Of course, I bought the special edition […]

Another New(ish) UK online figure shop!!

Looks like TokyoToyz has a little competition now.

I found out about this site randomly through the E2046 newsletter. Not sure how I got myself onto the mailing list (prob when I registered my competition entry or something) but it gives occasionally useful info, like this, so I keep it around.

Anyway, on this […]

E2046 Winter competition 2008 results!!

I actually completely forgot about the competition, which ended on Tuesday, despite actually having my own entry so this post is a little late.

After entering my Shirley into the contest I stopped paying attention although when the entries were being uploaded, I purposely chose not to view them, just in case I started getting […]

Opposite attraction.

After, what isn’t that long at all, here is the finished version Of Kagami.

The wip post can be found here:

part 1

Many thanks to the members of who helped out with some of the colour choices and assorted other observations. This could be called version 1.1 as I did have her […]

Playstation Home: Not quite where the heart is…

Yesterday, Sony opened up it’s much vaunted social platform called home to the public.

If you were one of the lucky ones who actually managed to connect last night, the beta gives you a glimpse into what the platform can do and what we can expect. Expectations are still running somewhat high despite the […]

Patience is a virtue

5 months is a long time. Just think what you can do it that allotted time? I finished 2 model kits, 3 Gunpla models and 4 video games in that time!

But with the end of the year rapidly approaching I found that there were several things which I wanted to do. One of these […]

Project: Lucky Star (1 of 3)

Despite having an abundance of great games to suck away my time (though I recently finished the best one, Valkyria chronicles) I have managed to fit in a little time to do some model work. Currently, I’m working on the first of 3 Lucky star figures and here’s where I have gotten up to so […]

Mini Review: Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs Gundam

No sir, I don’t like it. Not one BIT!!!

Huh? you want more? Fine…