Happy New Year!!

Just a quick note to wish all the readers a happy new 2008. And thanks to all of you who helped make this blog what it is in this short space of time!

Regular blogging will commence soon, I think…

Macross Frontier!!! \(^o^)/ Banzai!!

Yeah, I know I said there would be no updates for christmas but then it’s not quite christmas yet, and I’ll probably forget by the time I find a moment to write this up again.

In any case, Some kind folk have already subbed the first episode of macross Frontier!!

I won’t go into […]

Freedom, 行きます!!!


Man, this project was a mission…

Actually, it was finished on Wed evening, but I was too tired to take pics. But it’s all over now. I present Strike Freedom!!

For any budding modelers out there, a word of advice, make sure you have PLENTY of paint so you don’t get […]


God I need to go here…

Details can be found at Gunota while more pics can be found



and here

I feel I could spend a day just watching the modelers build their kits while I *ahem* study their techniques! Shame it doesn’t look like the shop caters for resin figure builders, […]

Zero no Tsukaima 3rd season

A quick flash of really minor news. Zero No Tsukaima has been confirmed to have a 3rd season in the works!

I’m sort of looking forward to this so why did I label it as minor news? Because it was really obvious from the ending that something was in the works. Either that or […]

Project: Strike Freedom (part 4)

Stuff happens…

Sods law struck just before this update when I ran out of spray paint for 1 last remaining wing. So unfortunately, the completion of strike freedom, which was supposed to be todays post, has been delayed while I get more paint.

To make matters more annoying, my usual model shops no longer stock […]

Interesting tidbit

Heisei Democracy has an interesting post which shows new figures of Kannagi Ayano from Kaze on Stigma and Kirara from Samurai 7 aver at amiami.

To be honest, I don’t think much of them. Ayano, especially, looks off from both the anime and manga designs but I decided to post about these 2 for a […]

Project: Strike Freedom (part 3)

Nearly at the home stretch now. With this, the vast bulk of the work is done. All that’s left it the DRAGOON system backpack and beam rifles. All the armour parts are done!

Not too bad really. I really do prefer the Chrome-ish grey look over the shiny gold which was supposed to be […]