Revoltech Expo

Seems that the revoltech line has gotten big enough to have a small event dedicated to itself!

I’ve been reading up on some of the reports on akiba hobby and I have to admit I was underwhelmed. Fraulein idolm@ster line and even a revoltech Gurren Lagann didn’t really appeal to me and the whole event […]

Project: Strike Freedom part 2

Not much to update now. The inner frame has been completely painted in a mix of dark grey and metallic paint to give it a sort of shiny grey look. Pretty hard to see from this pic and will be even harder once it’s fully completed since only a small amount will be visible…


SRW OG Gaiden new promo vid!

Really old news but I completely forgot about this little tidbit of info…

A second promo video for OG gaiden has now been released. The game is still currently penciled in for a late December release, but this is Super robot wars we are talking about…

I’m not sure why, but I’m finding it quite […]

Project: Strike Freedom

After noticing a disturbing lack of mecha (one of my fave anime genres, if not my #1) I though I would go back and start on a gunpla! I’ve actually had strike freedom for quite some time after preordering it last year! I even remember ordering the “special edition” version before anyone even knew what […]

Anime Roundup (autumn 07)

I’ve managed to get through several eps of various shows now so I have a good idea on what I think is worth watching and what isn’t. Similar format to last time. There are 3 Tiers, Must watch, Entertaining and Why am I watching this again?? There are also some shows from last season which […]

Gurren Dan Yoko!!

Danny Choo has posted pics of 2 Resin kits of Yoko due for release in December. Click on the links for more pics! HLJ have both up for preorder but I’m having a hard time choosing which one…

I know that many PVC figure lovers are wishing for the first kit, but as […]

Macross F news!

I know there are probably quite a few ppl out there who have been waiting for this!! The official macross website has recently been updates with *drumroll*

A PV for Macross Frontier!!!,2007111001

Follow the link and prepare to wait for a long time as this PV takes an age and a half to […]

Save your Excuses for the Devil!!

Well, there was no way I was going to pass up on one of these!!! It’s YOTSUBA!!!! in revolvtech form!

(Note: the title of the post was from one of my fave yotsuba sketches (when she goes around shooting ppl with a water pistol quoting a movie she just saw. It’s not a dig at […]