The Visions Dancing in my Mind…

Well, it’s been a (not really) long time coming but She’s finally finished! I give you Getsumento Heiki Mina (Densha Otoko ver). Now standing proudly with my other works, unless my very own Herme-tan comes and takes it away…

After the extreme pleasure/pain experience of Bunny Haruhi, I had forgotten how easily things flow […]

Project: moon weapon (part 5)

I said it once and I’ll say it far more times than is unnecessary: I HATE PAINTING EYES!!

They never seem to go smoothly for me… But after 3 attempts (including 1 where I had to paint half the face all over again after a mishap with paint thinner) I’ve finally managed to get to […]

Long Live the Arcade!!

I sooo need to play this!!

But I get the feeling that a home conversion is a little out of order—Banpresto—Gundam

Project: moon weapon (part 4)

Bit of a small update today as we’re on the final stretch of this little project and the eyes (as always) are giving me a real headache. I’ve nearly done them but for now, I thought I would update the progress with the rest of the head.

And by rest of the head, I mean […]

New Anime Season!!! (Autumn 07)

Out with the old and in with the new! Guess I would do a little roundup of some of the shows which have just finished and the ones which have begun!

Best Show of last Season

Gurren Lagann

No contest here, Gurren Lagann walks away as the best show last season and I think […]

And so, it begins…

Gundam 00 started in japan today and already, there are fansubs for it. Well, being a gundam show, it was already highly anticipated, but was it any good?

I have to admit that I think that the opening is very strong for a gundam series. We got to see all the gundams in action to […]

Project: moon weapon (part 3)

Methinks it’s time for another update!! When we left Mina last time, she was cleaned and primed ready for painting.

and now?

Please excuse the shots, I’ll make good ones when she’s finished… I promise!!

With regards to painting, I won’t dwell on it too much as it’s pretty much down to the individual […]