Love Slave

Another blast from the past this time around. This is my kit of ren ren nagusa… something from DearS!

This kit was my very first airbrushed kit so I learned a lot over the course of painting this kit, from how much to thin the paint to what paints work well with eachother.

I also […]

I gave you time, To steal my Mind…

away from me!


There’s nothing like a wonderfestival shopping spree to get you in the mood for building yet another kit. I took n extended break after the, rather draining, bubba haruhi bunny kit but I though I should do my last remaining figure kit before the summer 07 batch arrives.

And here she […]

Mini Mecha show news update!

Danny Choo has uploaded a video on youtube of the latest Gundam 00 trailer which was shown at charahobby. Nothing to note about it other than a small glimpse on how the fights are going to be handled (basically, more towards the SEED way of doing things) and some shots of new characters. The Opening […]

Without darkness, there is no light…

True to my word, I was able to purchase a Dark Saber Revolvtech to accompany my regular saber!!

You would think that a recoloured saber with a few design changes would make very little difference to the figure itself and the gripes I had with the original would still be present. Well, in some ways […]

In the Eye of the Storm

The internet is now abuzz with the aftermath of wonderfestival, which occurred on Sunday. Various blogs and sites have now started releasing photos of the kits which were available at the event and I have to say, it’s a pretty strong showing this year. If WonFest Summer 06 could be considered the Year of Haruhi […]

Wonfest just around the corner!!

The summer wonderfestival is this weekend so I’m sure all the big blogs are gearing up and charging their cameras for coverage of the event.

There has been a fair bit of talk leading up to the event too, with manufacturers showing what they will have to offer at the event. None of which really […]

Anime Roundup

Picked up a few more shows so I thought I should update this list to reflect that. Similar format to last time. There are 3 Tiers, Must watch, Entertaining and Why am I watching this again??

I’ll Simply list the ones which were added last time without a blurb and pic so you can see […]