For King and Country!

I have now bought my first revoltech! All Hail Saber!!!!

Orbital Manga had a few in stock and the revoltech line has always intrigued me so I went for the plunge. (still waiting for my Revoltech Dangaioh tho. *nudge*)

On the subject of Japanese renditions of all things British, I also watched eps 24 […]

Next project

There are some model kits out there which makes you feel content just looking at them in their complete form, made by others. This one could very well be one of them…

A friend of mine bought this resin kit for me as a gift (or punishment, depending on how you look at it). I’ve […]

101st MG Kit

Gunota has posted that the 101st Master grade Gundam kit will be the Destiny gundam from gundam seed destiny.

I’m sure more ppl will be happier with that announcement than the Turn A one, but I feel a little underwhelmed by the announcement.

I would have much preferred an announcement for a MG Assault buster […]

This is our Love lo… I mean, Joker card, right?

Wee!! Super robot wars OGs finally arrived! Actually it arrived a few weeks ago but I wanted to play it a bit before posting about it.

I had actually forgotten about the game since I preordered it last year, when the release date was penciled in for early January after a lengthy delay. It […]

Gundam 00 TV spot

A 30 second trailer for gundam 00 has been uploaded on youtube, for those of you who don’t know.

Not much is shown but you do get to see a glimpse of what the standard “grunt” mecha will be and they look very different to what you would expect, in fact it reminds me of […]

Not “Nine Breaker!!”

I’ve always been somewhat interested in the Kotobukiya Armoured core line of Mecha kits (after all, I am a big mecha fan) but they never grabbed me as a “must buy” item. But, as luck would have it, Orbital manga had a few in stock and I managed to find one I kinda liked so […]

Suzumiya Haruhi no Tameiki??

As reported on various blogs and forums, Newtype seems to have a couple of pages this month saying that a second season of Haruhi has been confirmed.

Take it with a bit of salt for now, at least until other sources confirm it too…

*Edit* I should have put this up much earlier but meh. […]

Anime Roundup

Well, with the new season of shows starting very soon (or in some cases, have already begun), I thought I’d go through the shows I’m currently watching and rate them. I’m not really for a “mark out of X” rating so I’m going to put them into 3 headings. “Must watch,” “Enjoyable but m’eh” and […]