New Gundam00 Units

Famitsu have posted some full body pics of the new gundam units appearing in Gundam00 as well as a look at the model kits that will accompany the show.

From the top left clockwise, we have Gundam Exia, Dynames, Kyrios and Virtue. Personally, these designs have left me a little cold. The heads and limbs are fine, even the virtue thunderthighs don’t bother me much but the chests…

Only Kyrios gundam seems to have a more regular design. I’m sure ppl out there really like them but something about those round sections bother me. But at least these won’t be accused of simply ripping off old designs and will be far less controversial than turn A. Guess I’ll have to see them moving to see if they can sway my opinion.

And here are the art pics and famitsu link, after the jump…

More pics can be found at the famitsu page. linky here

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