It’s a gu… No, an army of gundams!!! Oh SHI…

From all my previous posts of my model kits you would think that I only do figures! well, that is actually wrong. My first love has been and always will be mecha. And when you mention mecha, one has to mention mobile suit gundam!!!

So anyways, Here is a quick overview of all my completed […]

And now for something completely different

So, I have joined the ranks of (not so) proud Xbox 360 owners and within 2 weeks, I have also joined the ranks of 360 owners who needed to get their system replaced…

Yay for Microsoft and their shoddy manufacturing. Looks like i’ll need to go back to the retailers to get a replacement but […]


gah, my limited Japanese is getting rusty. In any case, here is one of my personal fave kits in my possession, Kazami Mizuho from Onegai Teacher!

There are quite a lot of kits of this character, both in PVC and resin flavours but most tend to focus on her more sexy side. Nothing wrong with […]

New Gundam00 Units

Famitsu have posted some full body pics of the new gundam units appearing in Gundam00 as well as a look at the model kits that will accompany the show.

From the top left clockwise, we have Gundam Exia, Dynames, Kyrios and Virtue. Personally, these designs have left me a little cold. The heads and […]

I was there when…

So, the transformers comics signing was today and I nearly missed it!!! I’m usually too damn tired on the weekends to do stuff before 1pm but this time, I made that extra effort and it was worth it!!!

The signing lasted almost an hour longer than was planned but nobody seemed to mind. The guests […]

Heaven or Hell?

Finally managed to dig out some pics of older model kits so ppl can see how much better (or worse) I have become over the years.

First up, we have Jam Kuradoberi from Guilty Gear X (and it’s numerous revisions). There was actually a very nice coldcast kit of the same model available but I […]

Calling all transformers fans in London!!

Not sure what good posting this in a completely new and unestablished blog is going to do but here goes…

Orbital Manga will be holding a signing next Saturday, the 9th of June with members of IDW (you know, the guys publishing the current load of transformers comics).

Guests will be Chris Ryall (the editor […]

Next Gundam Show

Bit late but I’ve been out all day. In any case, The next Gundam tv series has been announced as Gundam 00 (pronounced Double 0)

The promo can probably be found on youtube by now and various other blogs have written stuff up so I won’t dwell on it.

Personally, I’m feeling somewhat indifferent to […]